Providing easy and effective access to top notch skills and solutions


After initially focusing on Database Administration services, many of our client base requested provisioning of further services addressing broader IT requirements, including Development. In order to satisfy this demand, we have attracted some of the best development skills in the industry with extensive experience in this discipline, to found and staff our youngest company division and provide end to end consulting and services in a heterogeneous information technology environment.

The unique blend of skills within the company allows us to consolidate and integrate complex environments, functions and tasks.

What drives us

Our primary drivers are customer satisfaction, the honoring of all commitments, an absolute commitment to integrity and the development of our people.

Our Approach.

We focus on the integration of complex and powerful computing and network platforms with the ease of use of the desktop graphical environment.

Our Goal.

Whether you have a tactical issue that needs to be addressed such as bolstering knowledge of your IT operations for a short period, or a more strategic requirement such as a plan for the continuous improvement in the uptime of your technologies, OBS can and will assist

Our Mission.

To provide you with the most competent and up-to-date skills for any length of time. The high cost usually associated with employing gurus of this nature in-house and permanently, is therefore negated. Our people are trained to quickly gain an intimate knowledge of your operation, a key factor in enabling us to solve problems swiftly and efficiently.

As a rule, OBS operates according to the following pillars of strength:

  • Response: Prompt attendance to client service requests.
  • Product knowledge: OBS people have a high degree of product knowledge and support insight.
  • Planning: We ensure that unplanned downtime is minimized though proactive panning and management.
  • Improving Uptime: Continuous attention paid to increasing Server/Database Uptime.
  • Performance: An ongoing effort to maximize system performance including DB performance tuning through proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • Controls: Strict adherence to your formal change controls is at the heart of any IMAC. This also applies to scheduled maintenance.
  • System security: An essential focal point of our technologists
  • Backup: Strict attention paid to the testing of data backup and recoverability
  • Capacity: We document our capacity plans.
  • 24 x7: After hours support is not ad hoc. We formalise the process
  • Quality: ISO9002 documented procedures, standards and SLAs
  • Automation: Every effort is made to create efficiencies through the use of automated system management.
  • Formal Procedures: Our escalation procedures are always documented.
  • Regular reporting: Our monthly resource usage reports are graphic and informative.
  • Effective team communication: We talk with our customers.