Providing easy and effective access to top notch skills and solutions

About us

Outsourcing Business Solutions was formed and launched in 1997 and now boasts a formidable client book of satisfied customers. With a long-term goal of becoming a leading supplier of ICT skills in South Africa, our approach is to outshine our competitors through the use of smart technologies and smarter people to provide an efficient solution for your company. Our in-house developed tools, scripts, methodologies and partnerships with leading vendors all add to our ability to deliver the technology that your business needs

Customer Service Focus is our Payoff

We attract and retain the best technical service expertise available and our success is directly attributable to our people. Our culture of customer service has ensured that once you engage with us, the relationship will develop into a long term one. We understand the importance of access to complete, flexible database administration and system development services. When you partner with OBS, you are empowered to handle all development and database issues by supplementing your existing staff and resources with our professionals.

Our Philosophy

The concept of ‘strategic fit’ is our point of departure. We have long realized that technology must be closely aligned to the business drivers to provide value and the expected returns on the technology investment. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with holistic, integrated, and business centric information technology solutions that directly address identified business problems. The cornerstone of our business policies is reflective of this philosophy. We constantly strive to attract the best skills and employ the best information technology practices while not neglecting the broader socio-economic policies of representation and empowerment.